A Girl Named Wolf

Bare Bones Chamber Pop. Pump Organ Art Punk. Forever in motion. Still. Her name is Vuk.

Here are three photos from the first day of our tour. We had some problems that day. To make a very long story short, despite having done everything right and being model customers to Tallink-Silja Line, they made a mistake while loading the boat, and we ended up having to drive frantically from Helsinki to Naantali (a couple of hundred kilometers away) to take a freight ship, unsure until the last minute whether we would be able to make the trip even then. It took some pretty stern persuading to get us on there, and some innocent truck drivers were forced to share a few cabins, but we we made it. Had we not gotten to Stockholm the by the next morning, we would have been screwed big time.

These are pictures taken at a moment of great relief. Finally, we were on our way! The first two were taken by Katri Onnela. The picture of Katri is by me.

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